Evaluation & Motivation
for Sports Teams

Sports Team Evaluation & Motivational Speaking/Life Coachine

In evaluating your team, Dr. Porman can identify and assist areas of weakness. He has helped enormous numbers of teams discover their true potential by making improvements in mental, physical and nutritional techniques that helped them treat and prevent injuries. He also provides individual consultations for team members.
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Inspiring Teams To Live Their Legendary Purpose

For teams large or small, youth through adult, Dr. Porman’s unique perspective and contagious exhilaration for life will inspire them to the path to life their legendary purpose. He’ll help instill that drive they need to be their very best as an individual and a team!

With Dr. Porman's guidance your team will:

Feel phenomenal
Be positive in your approach
Feel truly inspired
Dr. Porman assessing a student football player who seems to have been injured,

27+ Years of Experience

Dr. Porman has been in practice for over 25 years as a chiropractic doctor, strength coach, motivational speaker, wellness facilitator, performance coach, and retreat facilitator.

During the past 27+ years, Dr. Porman has consulted with 2 Olympic track teams (China and S. Korea), 20+ University Sports teams, 3 NHL teams and 15+ high schools. Not to mention the 1,000+ Professional and Olympic athletes from 8+ Countries.

As a performance coach, Dr. Porman looks at the team as a whole as well as each individual. He brings unique insights to help your team become its very best as a TEAM!

Dr. Porman is driven to live a legendary life. On and off the field, his desire is to inspire every athlete to be legendary in all aspects of their life!

Transform individuals into a team
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Dr. Porman Helps Build Champions

With Dr. Porman’s guidance, your athletes will feel phenomenal, be Positive in their approach, and feel truly inspired. This translates to your team creating legendary success as individuals and as a team!

Dr. Porman helps build champions! Because he sees the greatness they possess….and shows it to the athlete with various mental and physical exercises.

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