Sports Pain & Injury Recovery for Athletes

For athletes, injury and pain are often a part of the sports they love, but time being injured means time away from the game. Dr. Porman has a unique approach to sports pain and injury recovery that help him address the source of the pain quickly and speed up healing to get you back to your sport faster.

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Dr. Porman’s goal is to quickly minimize inflammation, and subsequently the pain, which will speed healing to get you back in the game as soon as possible. If you have pain, then you have inflammation. At times, he is able to work on a combination of areas at the same time. Although, if you have pain, you have inflammation and therefore, he focuses his primary attention on decreasing inflammation levels.

Dr. Porman's Hierarchy of Treatment

1. Decrease Inflammation
2. Decrease Pain
3. Increase Range of Motion
4. Increase Strength
5. Improve Cardiovasular Fitness

Once the initial injury is addressed, Dr. Porman will assess your overall body function and give you additional exercises to continue building and strengthening areas of weakness. In the office visits, you’ll learn simple yet effective strategies to improve your recovery and get stronger faster, with less pain. Because Dr. P is so very busy, he has several physical therapists in the Valley that he refers to

Legendary Results Unlike You've Ever Seen Before

Dr. Porman uses a multitude of techniques to determine the source of the injury, from assessing nerve/muscle communication and ensuring that the muscles and nerves are sending and receiving the “messages” to help him speed healing and improve the bodies functions.
Spinal and Extremity Adjusting Chiropractic techniques are used as needed, but you’ll find that Dr. Porman’s approach to healing is quite different than you’ll experience elsewhere. Dr. Porman uses any and all therapies that allow him to help his patients achieve LEGENDARY results and quickly.  Because of his 27+ years of experience and incredible results using these therapies he has patients that fly in from around the globe, athletes and non athletes alike.
Suffering from sports pain or an injury?
Let Dr. P help you function and feel better, immediately in most cases!

The Most Effective, State-of-the-art Physical Medicine Modalities

By utilizing the most effective sports medicine techniques combined with state-of-the-art physical medicine modalities, Dr. Porman is able to help athletes recover more quickly from injuries, and experience decreased pain following treatment.  It truly is incredible to witness the healing capabilities of the human body.

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