Targeted Frequency Therapy

We specifically program targeted frequencies for targeted tissues and when we match those up we can reduce inflammation, reduce pain, and make people feel better.

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Heal faster with a targeted frequency therapy session.
Eliminate pain to stabilize your cells for optimal function.
Heal faster with a non-invasive technique performed in just a few minutes.

Inflammation is the major source of pain, and it can occur in any part of the body.

Inflammation is your immune system’s reaction to injury, illness, or other malfunctions within the body (allergies, autoimmune problems, hormonal imbalance, etc.)

Inflammation is the major source of pain, and it can occur in any part of the body.

During a Targeted Frequency Therapy session, patients can receive electric micro-current from our frequency machine that we program specific frequencies to target specific tissues of the body via our bio-electric field and .The signals help “tune” the target area back to the right frequency, to stabilize/balance the cells for optimal function.  The session is painless and does not involve any sort of chemicals, or any organic material at all.  The therapy’s function is to communicate at the cellular level to adjust the frequency of muscular, neurologic, lymphatic, and organ systems, which most likely will improve function, reduce inflammation, increase performance decrease and/or eliminate pain in our patients.

First, Dr. P Identifies the source of inflammation.

Dr. P works to reduce and/or eliminate inflammation and pain, second to normalize the range of motion and finally to normalize strength and improve cardiovascular fitness.  Part of his treatment typically includes using specialized machine that sends electronic signals at cell-specific frequencies to target specific problems and thereby reducing inflammation, speed healing, and improve body function.

He utilizes this Targeted Frequency Therapy because he has consistently seen remarkable results in patients and at incredible rates of healing. Dr. P has been so impressed by the success of this treatment, that he uses it on athletes all over the world.
Pain & Inflammation Holding You Back?
Let Dr. P get you back in the game faster with Targeted Frequency Therapy!

Targeted Frequency Therapy

For Sports Injuries and Pain, Dr. P’s Targeted Frequency Therapy also works to improve healing time, which gets you back to the sport you love faster.

Targeted Frequency Therapy is a non-invasive technique done during your office visit.  For more intense therapy, inquire about our home units.

Overall treatment times will vary based on your particular issues, your body’s individual response to the therapy, and whether other treatment strategies are being utilized (adjustments, muscle manipulation, diet/nutrition, strength exercises, lasers, etc.).

There are 100’s of different signals available, each communicating on a specific cellular frequency, so there is potentially a frequency for any area in the body that is causing you problems.

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