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Dr. P is far more than just a doctor. He is an inspiring holistic health and wellness professional, fully focused on service to others. He will help you eliminate the pain that is holding you back, heal more quickly, and discover what it means to live life more fully and completely. He will inspire you to live your life's legendary purpose!

When Dr. P works with you, he will use his holistic training to assess and treat you as an entire person: the mental, physical, emotional, nutritional, and spiritual areas of your life. He utilizes individualized assessments and custom tailored holistic plans that will help your body heal itself, reduce or eliminate pain, and get you back to doing all the things you love. An athlete his entire life, 57+ years young, as well as being a Marine Corps Officer and Holistic Doctor for more than two decades, Dr. P talks the talk, because he walks the walk!

Dr. P is more than simply a doctor. He is an inspiring holistic health and wellness professional, fully focused on serving others. He inspires others to discover what it means to truly live a legendary life, with the ability to pursue your life with passion and with zero limits!

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“I have worked with more than 2,300 professional and Olympic athletes from all over the world. I have treated athletes and their families suffering from many types of pain or injuries.  I have repeatedly seen my methods work because I look at each individual as just that… an individual with their own specific needs.You can experience the same techniques and treatments I learned and have used on world-class athletes to help you recover and get back in the game.  It’s my life’s Passion to help athletes and individuals from all walks of life to overcome pain and injury and live a legendary life! I look, feel, and act younger than almost everyone I know; even people that are 20-30 years younger than myself. I think young, I feel young, and I act young, therefore… I am young!  And I want to help you feel younger, stronger, and able to pursue your passions without allowing anything to hold you back.”

Dr. P - Holistic Chiropractic Doctor

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"I have a Passion for inspiring athletes to become legendary in every performance! Whether that performance is as a father, mother, student, co-worker, son, daughter, athlete or friend…Why just do it? BE LEGENDARY!"

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