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Neuro Frequency Therapy Disc Training

If you are a doctor of any discipline, other health care provider, or a sports trainer interested in integrating Targeted Frequency Therapy in your practice, Dr. P offers group trainings/seminars, one on one at your facility or one on one in his clinic. Focusing on different frequency therapies: for example, pain and inflammation, sports performance, organ function and systemic condition we have seen amazing Results. Over the years, Dr. P has provided training for sports and medical professionals in using Targeted Frequency Therapy. He has been sought-after by other healthcare professionals from all over the world to help with the assessment and treatment of the athletes for injuries and performance.

Group training / seminars
One-on-one training at your facility
One-on-one training at Dr. Porman's SportsDocs facility

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No upcoming trainings at this time.

Future Training Opportunities

If you’d like to contact us about an upcoming course, inquire about hosting a course in your facility, or observing Dr. P in his clinic, please contact us using the form below:

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